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Ram FX Driver Review

Jul 23, 2023

ByJack Backhouse

What’s new? How much does it cost? And how does it perform? Jack Backhouse brings you the low down on the Ram FX Driver driver

The Ram golf FX driver is their 2023 model that features an enlarged sweetspot and new aerodynamic tech for more clubhead speed. So how did we find it? Find out in our Ram FX driver review.

This driver was a really pleasant surprise; the feel from the titanium driver is brilliant, the ball flight was great and I really felt like I had control over the ball

If you’re new to the game and don’t want to spend a fortune on a new driver, or simply just want something really easy to hit on a budget, then this is perfect for you.



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I have raved about all of the Ram golf equipment I have tested this year, so I was looking forward to giving the FX driver a hit when it turned up. Ram seem to have been able to produce pretty good gear for a fraction of the price of the big names in golf clubs and we all love an underdog story right?

Straight away I love the head design and matte finish. It’s a classic shape, and sits wonderfully behind the ball. I also like the all black matte finish on the head as there is no glare.

I have no problem recommending any of the Ram golf clubs I have tested this year to 95% of the golfers I meet. The price relative to performance drop off compared to the big names makes these clubs such good value, it’s hard to look past them.

The 460cc driver with enlarged sweetspot offers maximum forgiveness and it has a more forward center of gravity for lower spin for penetrating distance. For less than £80 you obviously are not going to get A.I. design or carbon components, but what Ram have put together here is actually really really good.

My shots with this club were all pretty good. The ball speed of mid to high 150s is pretty solid for me on a day where my back was pretty stiff, the carry distance up above 250 is solid with a run out up towards 280 is not bad at all. For some reason when you are told a driver is only £79.99 you think for some reason it’ll go about half the distance of a £450 driver but that just isnt the case.

On the FX driver Ram have designed a custom FX sole design that reduces turf drag and twist for longer straighter shots. It also has aerodynamic tech helps reduce drag for higher clubhead speed. After my test I gave the driver to a new member of staff who is basically a beginner to use in our staff Friday night golf game, and it proved an absolute asset in his golf bag.

Without all the AI design and carbon in the head, the backspin this club produces is higher than you’d see compared to other clubs on the market. PR companies would tell you that the ball spinning up near 3000 rpm is a disaster but I, and my beginner golfer colleague, think its great. Spin is control and we both found it really easy to keep the ball up in the air and on line.

I actually really like this driver. It doesn’t come with a head cover and obviously has a cheap Ram shaft in but for £79.99 it is a great buy. It looks and feels great, and the performance is brilliant for the price. If you are a new player and looking for a driver on a budget this is absolutely the one you should buy.

Available: Now

RRP: £79.99

Right-handed lofts: 10.5°, 9°, 12°,

Shafts: Regular, stiff

More information: Amazon

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