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The 16 Best Tennis Bags of 2023

Aug 08, 2023

Our list has a bag for all player types, from beginners to pros.

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You’ve gotten your hands on a racquet, you’ve invested in a pair of tennis shoes. Now all you need is a tennis bag to carry everything to and from the court. Sure, you could throw your racquet into a regular backpack or tote bag, but it won’t be comfortable to carry, and you’ll miss out on the protection a tennis bag provides.

“Carrying a racquet in a tote bag might be efficient, but when your racket is covered, it can help protect it from the elements and extreme temperatures,” says Diana Vlad, a tennis pro at Roger Scott Tennis Center in Pensacola, Florida, who knows firsthand how harsh humidity and heat can be. “A tennis bag really helps protect the frame, the strings, and the grip of your racquet.”

Which tennis bag is right for you depends on what type of player you are. Vlad, who played tennis and later served as assistant coach for the University of West Florida women’s team, says that college athletes and other elite players might carry anywhere from three to 12 racquets to a tournament, as well as shoes, extra strings, and a change of clothes. Beginners won't need nearly as much space. We chose the best tennis bags for all types of players.


This backpack-style tennis bag wins our top award for its versatility: it can carry anywhere from zero to three rackets and is comfortable for any type of commute.

This backpack lacks a side compartment for your water bottle.

What you want from a tennis bag is highly personal, but if you aren’t sure where to start and just want a great carry-all, opt for the Babolat Pure Drive 3-pack Backpack Bag. A jack of all trades, this Babolat backpack serves a wide range of players. The insulated racquet compartment protects up to three racquets from the elements, but a fold-up flap allows you to carry it as a regular backpack when you aren’t on your way to play. This bag is particularly well-suited to people who hit the court after work, since the bag is big enough to hold a pair of tennis shoes (with a separate shoe pouch) and a change of clothes and also features a laptop compartment. Well-padded shoulder straps and a chest strap make the Pure Drive extremely comfortable, whether you’re walking or biking to the club or trekking from court-to-court during a weekend tournament. Our only complaint is the lack of a water bottle pocket.

Price at time of publish: $95

The Details: 35 percent recycled polyester, 50 percent virgin polyester, 15 percent PE | 3 racquets


This bag features lots of thoughtful extras in a lightweight, low-priced package.

The main compartment isn’t very large and can get overstuffed very quickly.

Weighing just over 1 pound, the Ytonet Tennis Sling Bag has several thoughtful features in a compact package, including a hook (for storage or hanging on a fence), a water bottle sleeve, and lots of pockets. Designed to carry up to two racquets plus extra balls, this sling bag is affordable enough that you won’t feel bad when you outgrow it. It’s available in six colors.

Price at time of publish: $29

The Details: Polyester | 2 racquets

Vessel Golf

This hearty bag is both high-end and high-tech.

At 4.25 pounds, this bag is heavier than most.

While most tennis bags are crafted from nylon and polyester, relative newcomer Vessel uses synthetic leather and neoprene for its golf and tennis bags, including this hearty Vessel Baseline 2.0 Racquet Bag. Designed to be worn as a duffel or a backpack, this splurge is incredibly durable and practical for travel. It carries up to six racquets and offers ingenious pockets, including a thermal-lined racquet sleeve, an insulated water bottle pouch, and a microfiber lined pocket for gadgets and sunglasses.

Price at time of publish: $285

The Details: Premium synthetic leather, neoprene shoulder straps and back padding | 6 racquets


This backpack fulfills the beginner’s basic needs for an affordable price.

This bag won’t stand up to lots of wear and tear, so you’ll probably want to upgrade to an intermediate bag after a while.

Let’s say you’ve just started playing tennis and aren’t sure you’re going to stick with it, or you’re still going back and forth between tennis and pickleball. The Acosen Tennis Backpack can hold one to two tennis racquets or pickleball paddles, making it perfect for beginner players. This low-profile, lightweight bag carries everything you’ll need for a tennis lesson, including balls, a bottle of water, and other necessities. But the investment is low enough that you won’t feel bad upgrading to a more advanced bag or ditching tennis entirely.

Price at time of publish: $22

The Details: Polyester | 2 racquets


This tried-and-true classic is ideal for players whose primary need is carrying racquets.

The more extra gear you pack, the fewer racquets you can bring.

Though backpack-style tennis bags have gained in popularity in recent years, if you’re typically driving to the tennis club, you’ll probably just want a traditional racquet bag, and the Wilson Advantage II Triple Bag is a classic for a reason. Designed to hold up to three racquets, this slim-profile bag also has a deep front pocket for personal items like your phone and keys. Plus, it’s lightweight and easy to carry using the handle or the padded shoulder strap.

Price at time of publish: $20

The Details: Polyester | 3 racquets


This smart bag solves a common problem with tennis totes; it won’t tip or slouch.

The shoulder straps force you to store all the weight on one side.

With metal feet on the bottom and a sturdy design, Geau’s Stance Tote is designed to sit upright and stay upright (and it also has a hook for hanging). Though it only holds two rackets, this tote bag has plenty of room for everything else, especially shoes. But unlike some tennis totes, which can feel like a dark abyss, this bag is lined inside with silver fabric. The Stance has lots of smart pockets and pouches, including a water bottle pouch and an outside front flat, to keep everything organized.

Price at time of publish: $100

The Details: Nylon with water-repellent treatment | 2 racquets


This 12-racquet bag has backpack straps for long hauls and a grab handle for quick trips.

Only college athletes and highly competitive players need to travel with this many racquets.

Designed for highly competitive players who travel with lots of racquets, the Babolat Pure Drive 12-pack Bag features two primary compartments: one with thermal protection for five racquets, and a middle compartment that you can use for even more racquets or all of your gear. We especially like that it has a vented pocket for storing sweaty gear or dirty shoes, which isn’t a feature of all high-capacity racquet bags. We also like that you can use the backpack straps to save your strength for the court, but the grab handles are ideal for traveling from court to court.

Price at time of publish: $140

The Details: 40 percent recycled polyester, 30 percent virgin polyester, 20 percent PE, 5 percent TPE, 5 percent EVA | 12 racquets


The muted design makes this a great tennis backpack but also an excellent everyday backpack.

With a two-racquet capacity, this is designed for casual rather than highly competitive players.

We really like Wilson’s Lifestyle line, which includes tennis bags that don’t look much like tennis bags. This backpack will keep your racquets secure, but if you’re traveling to a non-tennis destination, the Wilson Lifestyle Foldover Backpack behaves (and looks) just like a regular backpack. If you’re an afterwork tennis player like us, you’ll appreciate that the laptop sleeve keeps your computer away from the removable shoe bag.

Price at time of publish: $89

The Details: 100 percent recycled PET polyester | 2 racquets


This unusual bucket-bag shape can be carried by the handles or cross-body.

The large compartment could use more dividers.

As a relative newcomer to the sport of tennis, lululemon's designs really stand out from more traditional offerings. The lululemon Tennis Rally Bag is no exception. The trendy bucket-style bag, which can be worn across the body or carried by the grab handles, can carry up to six tennis balls (in the mesh side pockets) and two tennis racquets. The main chamber has some extra room for a water bottle and necessities, but this bag is not designed to hold your tennis shoes.

Price at time of publish: $158

The Details: Polyester, nylon, elastane | 2 racquets


This compact tennis bag comfortably fits more petite frames.

The slim sling bag holds only one racquet and won’t fit bulkier shoes.

Like lululemon, Athleta is getting in on the tennis game with designs that set their gear apart from traditional tennis brands. This sling-style bag fits smaller bodies better than some of the bigger backpacks on this list, though you do sacrifice capacity. The Athleta Courtside Bag holds just one racquet and doesn’t accommodate larger shoes. That said, for casual players, this sling bag is comfortable, chic, and low-profile.

Price at time of publish: $139

The Details: Yulex natural rubber | 1 racquet


A clever triangle strap keeps your racquets secure while you’re walking, biking, or taking public transportation.

The shoulder straps aren’t as padded as some of our other picks.

If you’ve ever tried to carry tennis racquets in a regular backpack, you know they have a tendency to lean away from your body and maybe even onto the ground. The DSLeaf Tennis Bag solves that problem. This bag is styled like an ordinary backpack, except with a clever triangle-shaped strap that holds your racquets flush against the bag. A separate shoe compartment and hanging hook make this particularly good for city commuters.

Price at time of publish: $40

The Details: Nylon | 2 racquets


The insulated drink pocket and two-racquet capacity combine to make this a weekend tourney winner.

The color options are limited, and this bag isn’t as durable as some others on the list.

If you’re playing in a tennis mixer all weekend, you’re going to need some snacks, some cold drinks, and maybe even a beer or hard seltzer for when you’re done. We love that this Ytonet Tennis Backpack comes with an insulated pocket for drinks and snacks, plus plenty of other nooks and crannies for whatever you need to play all day: sunscreen, lip balm, a change of socks, a change of shoes, and your phone.

Price at time of publish: $37

The Details: Polyester | 2 racquets


This versatile and sturdy backpack will satisfy players who compete in lots of different locations.

The two-racquet capacity won’t be enough for highly competitive players.

Admittedly, this list features a lot of backpack-style tennis bags, but if you’re looking for a classic, basic tennis backpack, the Wilson Tour Backpack is a solid bet. Available in forest green, this lightweight, compact bag holds two racquets and a laptop and features dedicated pockets for a water bottle and dirty clothes. The comfy shoulder straps make this bag ideal for players who travel to different clubs or take tennis-centric vacations, though it may not be enough for highly competitive athletes.

Price at time of publish: $89

The Details: Polyester | 2 racquets

Geau Sport

Complete with adjustable shelves, this innovative bag is like a wearable locker.

The size and weight of this bag (29 inches tall and 5.1 pounds) may overwhelm petite bodies.

High-capacity racquet bags aren’t usually designed to store other items efficiently, but the Geau Sport Axiom Racquet Bag 2.0 is an exception. You can opt to carry four rackets and fill the interior with other supplies — using soft, adjustable shelves — or you can remove the dividers and store up to five more racquets in the main compartment. The oversized bag contains a carnival of pockets, including a leak-proof pouch for storing wet gear and shoes and three outside pockets for quick access to all your little necessities.

Price at time of publish: $200

The Details: Materials: Cordura and polyester | 9 racquets

Think Royln

The detachable racquet bag transforms this tote into a roomy weekend bag.

This bag is quite large overall but only holds two racquets.

This playful, puffy tote comes in three retro colorways, but all of the features are thoroughly modern, including magnetic closures and detachable everything. The Think Royln You Are the Champions Tennis Bag features a removable racquet bag that, when removed, transforms it into a practical, roomy tote. We particularly like that it has two carry options in handles and a cross-body strap.

Price at time of publish: $218

The Details: Polyester | 2 racquets


With 13 colorful, eye-catching prints, this backpack stands out in a crowd.

This bag could use more pockets, inside and outside, to make smaller items easier to locate.

Ame and Lulu’s Game on Tennis Backpack looks playful but still means business. Available in stripes, tie-dye, ombre patterns, and preppy white, this backpack is as comfortable and practical as it is cute. The padded straps and lightweight nylon make this backpack very well-suited for smaller bodies, and we like the dual side pockets for holding a water bottle or can of tennis balls. You can also get yours monogrammed for an additional fee.

Price at time of publish: $112

The Details: Nylon | 2 racquets

Tennis bags typically come in three shapes: racquet bags, which are designed to contain entire racquet(s) from top to bottom; backpacks, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes; and totes, which contain only the face of your racquets and let the handles stick out. Which style works for you depends on how you’re using it. Are you driving to the court? Then a racquet bag or tote should suffice. Players who commute via walking, biking, or public transport will probably prefer a backpack-style tennis bag.

By making sure your tennis bag is as comfortable as possible, you ensure that you’re saving the hard work for when you get on the court. Before you purchase a bag, check that the shoulder straps are comfortable, even when the bag is full, and that the size of the bag feels like a good fit for your frame.

Again, this depends a lot on how you’re traveling to the tennis court. If you show up in tennis clothes and just need your racquet, then a smaller bag will suffice. If you’re going straight from work, you’ll want room for shoes and maybe even a laptop. If you’re playing casually, you’ll just need a racquet or two and some extra storage, but if you’re competing in weekend-long tournaments, you’ll need room for more essentials. Players who travel with more than three racquets will want a high-capacity bag.

Most tennis bags can be easily spot-cleaned to keep them looking nice for longer. There is no need to replace your bag unless it’s showing signs of wear and tear, such as ripped linings or seams.

A tennis racquet is an investment, and a bag keeps it looking good and playing well. Tennis bags protect your racquets (including the strings and grip) from the elements like rain and heat. That’s why many bags feature an insulated racquet lining and water-resistant outer coating. Securing your racquet in a tennis bag (versus letting it bang around in a traditional tote) will keep it from getting scratched and dinged and make it more comfortable to carry.

Again, this depends on where and how you play tennis. Think about what you need to carry to the court (hat, sunscreen, balls) and make sure your bag will hold everything. If you play on clay, you need to pay extra attention to shoe storage. Says Vlad, “Some of the bags have a nice shoe compartment or a separate shoe bag, which you really need if you play on clay, so it doesn’t get mixed in with your clothes and your towels.”

Travel + Leisure contributor Nancy Einhart started playing tennis at age 6, took a hiatus for a couple of decades, and now plays at least once a week. For this article, she drew from her years of playing tennis and her extensive tennis community. She also spoke to Diana Vlad, a tennis teaching professional at Roger Scott Tennis Center in Pensacola, FL.

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