The best cheap(ish) things to always have in your golf bag
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The best cheap(ish) things to always have in your golf bag

Sep 01, 2023

Having the right gear can make your next round more enjoyable.

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Let’s be frank: Golf equipment can be expensive, but even with that being the case, there are a lot of other things that you should have for your next round that don’t have to be. Here is a list of (mostly) not-so-expensive things to help make sure you get the most from your next round of golf.

It might seem simple, but making sure you’re stocked up on tees can prevent a scramble when you get to the course and realize you’re low on one of the game’s most essential accessories.

They’re also a great way to flash a little extra style without breaking the bank, so be sure to always be stocked.

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Clean clubs are happy clubs, and on top of that, clean irons and wedges perform a lot better than dirty ones when it comes to spin and distance control, so having a proper brush that can keep your clubs clean might also help lower your score too.

Just like with a club brush, having a golf towel can make cleaning your clubs, balls, and even wiping sweat from your grips a lot easier, and once again gives you the opportunity to showcase some of your personal style.

Look, there is a good chance you’re going to lose a few golf balls during your next round of golf, so whether you want premium performance or are looking for something to offer a bit more value, making sure you have enough golf balls before you get to the course prevents the dreaded walk of shame into the pro shop between nines to reload.

Keeping your drinks cold on the course is a must, and whether we’re talking water, or something a bit more adult, a quality tumbler is a great addition to your gear. And with the help of a lid, you can keep those pesky bugs away too.

Obviously, $165 quickly moves any product out of the “cheap” category, but if you’re someone traveling for golf in a far-flung destination and have already plunked down thousands of dollars on a tee time and travel to get there, I promise you that having a hand warmer to keep you comfortable on the course is worth every penny!

Similar to the hand warmer, having a range finder on a golf course is an essential piece of kit to help you navigate your way around and quickly make club selections. Nobody wants to play with the “Hey can you tell me what the yardage is?” golfer, and with the NX7 you can get an accurate and reliable range finder for just $200.

Last but not least, having a quality Bluetooth speaker that can hit a nice volume while still keeping a charge for a full 18-hole round or more is a great accessory to have when playing by yourself, or having fun out on the course with friends. The Rokform G-Rok offers tons of battery life and strong magnets to keep it secure on your cart no matter where your golf game takes you.

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