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Bite Hard Golf Apparel and Accessories

Jun 22, 2023

If you are a golfer who likes options when it comes to their apparel, then you are definitely living in the right time as now more than ever we are seeing a plethora of companies jumping into the fray. However, one thing that typically separates the fly-by-night brands and those with potential sticking power are two-fold: Quality and options.

Today we are looking at a company named Bite Hard Golf, that hopes to offer both of those things. They have certainly got options and sent a wide array into us at THP to get a closer look. So, let’s get into it.

Who are Bite Hard Golf?

It has become the trend when we see these brands trying to establish themselves coming onto the scene that there is often some sort of “bro” story attached to a group of friends wanting to make something that they would like and offer it to others. Now, I’m not at all saying there is anything wrong with that, but it has become such a constant theme that it gets stale.

That is why Bite Hard’s stance is a bit refreshing. There is no long winding tale to go with the founding of the brand put out there as a marketing story for us to all digest, instead, they keep it simple. Bite Hard is about understanding the ups and downs of this crazy game while realizing that just as no two course designs are the same, neither are any two golfers, yet all are still pretty darn special in their own ways.

As such, the brand is about golfers being able to show their style on the course but knowing that it isn’t a one-sized-fits-all kind of thing. That aspect is why Bite Hard has options for the bright patterned driven golfer as well as the more classic driven one. It is also why they are more than just a polo brand, they are an all golf wear brand, with some thought out accessories to boot.

Bite Hard Golf Polos

As I said, options. Bite Hard actually has a variety of polo options beyond just the solid versus graphic aspect. There are also different cuts too which they classify as “Classic” and “Performance”. For this article we received four different polos, two solid performance shirts and two graphic designs. All four are the same 4-Way Stretch material built for breathability and function on the course, they are also their aforementioned “performance” cut which most would consider “athletic” compared to other brands.

The shirts were far more impressive than I anticipated, especially in the weight of materials. Often, smaller brands like this either go too heavy in their performance materials or far too light, all four of these, however, are perfectly balanced. The three button plackets keep a good clean look, and the collars are excellent having just the right amount of structure to them. Personally, the Drippin Dots polo was my favorite as it is definitely my style, the Performance Blue and Black as well as the Camo also wore quite well. The stitched chest branding on the chest of the Performance and Camo polos leaves a little to be desired in size and shape, but the new rubberized patch on the Drippin Dots is excellent, hopefully we see more of that from the brand.

Bite Hard Golf’s Performance Polos come in at $55.00 while the Graphic Polos are $65.00, quite a solid price given the quality, and much more palatable than a lot of what we are seeing out there for sure.

Bite Hard Golf Hats

Straight to it, these hats are fun. Some brands produce hats just to have them and don’t pay attention to the finer details, specifically do they actually look good and fit well. After getting the “Mulligan” and “Golf is Hard” rope hats in hand, Bite Hard did their due diligence on the little things. Both hats are the modern take on the retro rope hat design, which in my opinion gives a little more fashion forward appeal on and off the course, they aren’t your grandpa’s rope hats.

Perhaps the best trait is the design of the back mesh combined with the use of material that isn’t so heavy. There is a breathability that was nice to see. Sure, the bill style won’t be for everyone, but they should have a sizable appeal for pure fun factor to many. The hats are both priced at $35.00.

Bite Hard Golf Magnetic Towels

Who doesn’t love a good golf towel? Well, Bite Hard also offers golf towels, but not just any kind of towel, they are all magnetic. With two sizes, a full sized 40”x20” as well as a small 15”x15”, the towels come in black or grey and each features a high powered magnet sewn in. If you haven’t ever used a towel like that, it offers some cool ease when grabbing your towel greenside using only a club. Of course, you can also attach the magnet to the beams on the golf cart should you want.

Thankfully, the towels are a nice waffle material that has good weight to it. They are functional as you would hope a golf towel can be. The large towels are priced at $30.00 with the small coming in at $15.00.

The Details

Honestly, the overall quality and design of what Bite Hard Golf sent in was impressive overall. Not only are there options seen here, but on their website, they offer a ton of other pieces as well, and even putters. As you can see, Bite Hard doesn’t plan on being a fly-by-night, which is certainly refreshing.

What do you think? Do you see something that fits your style? Jump into the conversation and let the golf world know your thoughts below as well as directly on the THP Community!

For more information, check out their website at

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