Watch man's PXG golf bag go up in flames in stunning video
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Watch man's PXG golf bag go up in flames in stunning video

Aug 16, 2023

Man Down

Just judging off the commercials alone, we knew PXG golf clubs were absolute fire flames. But we didn't know they were THIS hot.

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In a stunning clip currently making the social media rounds, a weekend warrior can be seen dousing water on his PXG golf bag, which is literally on fire. From the little amount of information we're able to deduce from the clip, it seems as though he had just lit a cigar and then put the cigar lighter into his golf bag, a mistake more regrettable than the time Ron Burgundy chose milk on a hot summer day:

Before we poke any fun, we should acknowledge that is absolutely sucks for this poor guy. Throwing a scorching hot lighter in your golf bag, while incredibly dumb, is an innocent mistake any one of us could make. No one wants to see their golf bag catch on fire, possibly ruining all your clubs and everything inside of the bag. In that regard, we feel awful for this PXG Troop.

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HOWEVA, it's hard not to laugh out loud at a couple points in this video, and we feel OK doing it since some of this guy's friends were having trouble not cracking smiles, too. The feeble attempts by the man in red to put it out with a few droplets of water. The "and your phone, f---" guy. The guy whose bag it is still smoking the cigar anyway throughout the ordeal. And finally, that same dude YANKING his clubs out and launching them into another dimension. An incredible image:

Unbelievable. Shoutout to this dude's boys who all sprung into action, except for the camera guy who hit him with the "shouldn't smoke cigars, should start chewing [tobacco]" at the end. Such a classic camera guy unnecessary dig. Instead of helping, he whipped out the phone and poured gasoline on the literal fire. We thank him for his content service, but that was uncalled for. In all seriousness, we hope the guy was able to salvage the sticks. Those PXG clubs cost a pretty penny and will be very difficult to replace. Prayers up.

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