Tennis grips vs tennis overgrips
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Tennis grips vs tennis overgrips

Jul 23, 2023

Chances are if you play tennis you will play with a tennis racket you will play with either a tennis grips or tennis overgrips. These grips cover the shaft of the racket and prevent your hand from slipping when hitting the ball. But just what is the difference between a tennis racket grip and an overgrip? How often should you change yours? How long do they last? Tennis grips vs Overgrips, What is the difference?

A tennis overgrip is the thicker of the two grip options. Every new racket will come with an overgrip. These are often spongy and quite thick and can last months if not years. As they are quite thick to touch they absorb quite a lot of the impact upon contact. They are long-lasting and slow to wear down. As a general rule, tennis racket grips are significantly more expensive and longer lasting than their overgrip counterparts.

Overgrips are thin coverings that slip on top of grips used by tennis players to build up their grip size ( should they have arm trouble) They are relatively cheap and due to their thin construction wouldn’t have the durability of a tennis grip. Pro tennis players will use an overgrip with every new racket they have and discard it after the strings are used. An overgrip will give a new racket feel to any racket. Overgrips come in a wide range of types and colors for all hand types. If you sweat a lot you may want a tacky grip or a dry grip. Given their price, you can buy them in bulk and use them for as long as their lifespan before discarding them. They provide a very cost-effective option for all tennis players.

I use a tennis overgrip as I enjoy the fresh feeling of a new grip on my racket. With an overgrip, I get the performance and feeling in the short term and after a few weeks, I can swap it out. Tennis overgrips are not built for durability and given the price it makes is an excellent choice for tennis players. If you like a more spongey absorbing tennis grip then a tennis grip might be the best choice. They will also give you way more durability than an overgrip.

You can see a fantastic article on the different types of overgrips and grips available to tennis players. There is so much choice out there and it is certainly worth taking some time to read up on the options available. View at Instagram Reel.

Wrapping a tennis racket with a grip or overgrip is quite an important job for all tennis players. A grip without blemish or kink is important as we don’t want the grip slipping upon contact. Tennis stringers are pretty good at doing this task, watch one, ask questions, and get some tips. Professional tennis players can frequently be seen changing grips at the turnaround. Richard Gasquet famously changes grip every turnaround so you can imagine he is pretty good at it. My advice would be to take your time and do it right the first time. Once complete, secure your grip in place with finishing tape.

Wet weather is always a challenge for tennis players. One of the biggest issues is keeping a hold of the racket. In wet weather and when the weather gets bad the tennis racket grips or overgrip absorbs an enormous amount of water. Over time the grip becomes more and more wet and less grippy. It can be an absolute nightmare to play in. In such instances, it is important to have spare grips to ensure that you play as normal a game as possible. If you use an overgrip it is handy to pop one on at the changeover. This will ensure that you can always maintain a hold on the racket.