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Golf cart accessories to make your golf experience more enjoyable

Jun 25, 2023

The time you spend between the 18 holes on a golf course can matter as much as when you find yourself taking shots in the tee box, fairway, or putting green. Golf can be a grueling game that takes stamina and mental fortitude. So you should take every second of downtime you can to recharge before your next swing.

The golf cart is the perfect place to take a mental and physical breather and have a little fun. After all, that’s what golf is supposed to be about… having fun! To help you make the most of your time cruising the golf course, we researched and rounded up the best golf cart accessories to deck out your ride.

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Best bluetooth speaker: Bushnell Golf Wingman Best budget speaker: Rokform G-ROK Wireless Golf SpeakerBest phone caddy: Desert Fox Golf Phone CaddyBest drinkware: VIBE Speaker CupsBest heater: Mr. Heater 4,000 BTU Golf Cart HeaterBest hand warmer: Titleist Hand WarmerBest for push carts: Clicgear Cart SeatBest valuables bag: TaylorMade Players Valuables PouchBest cooler: Intech Golf Bag Cooler and Accessory CaddyBest ball cleaner: Clean Flight Personal Golf Ball Washer

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Benefits— Exceptional sound quality— Strong magnetic grip— Highly accurate GPS distances for 36K+ courses

A Bluetooth speaker designed to be a golfer’s personal companion on the course, the Bushnell Golf Wingman speaker features excellent audio quality, whether blasting your preferred soundtrack or announcing the GPS distances for the 36,000-plus courses found on the Bushnell Wingman app.

The speaker’s strong magnetic grip keeps it safely intact on your cart, and with roughly 10 hours of battery life, the speaker will more than likely outlast even the most athletic golfers on the course. The Wingman can also double as a charger for your USB-compatible devices.

Customers said the Wingman speaker’s GPS distances for the front, back, and center of a hole is incredibly accurate. They also liked how easy it was to receive audible distance readings with a simple push of a button.

Others declared the Bushnell Golf Wingman the loudest, clearest, and most accurate Bluetooth speaker in its class. Just make sure to keep an eye on how wet it gets. While water-resistant, the Wingman isn’t truly waterproof.

Battery life: Up to 10 hours | Waterproof: IPX6 water-resistant | Warranty: 1-year limited

Benefits— Affordable— Long battery life— Water- and dustproof

If you don’t want to shell out extra cash for the Wingman, check out the G-ROK Wireless Golf Speaker. It delivers most of the features of our Staff Favorite while taking a considerable step down on the price scale.

While it lacks the GPS data the Wingman provides, the G-ROK touts an impressive 24-hour battery life and a crisp, heavy-bass sound. And if you spring for its SD card, the G-ROK can play up to 5,000 songs without an internet or cellular connection.

Customers praised the G-ROK’s strong magnetic hold, long battery life, and great sound. They also appreciated the speaker’s waterproof, compact design. The G-ROK will keep the good times going on or off the course at a price that won’t bum you out.

Battery life: 24 hours | Waterproof: IPX7 waterproof | Warranty: 2-year limited

Benefits— Easy access to your phone— Strong grip— 6 color options available

The Desert Fox Golf Phone Caddy lets you focus on the game without having to keep track of your phone. The adjustable caddy is designed to strap securely to any golf cart and fits any smartphone with a width between 2.6 to 3.7 inches and a depth between 0.16 to 0.67 inches.

Once adjusted, the caddy gives you easy slide-in and slide-out phone access. However, it may not fit all phone cases, meaning you may have to keep your case in your car or toss it in your golf bag.

Customers said the caddy’s Velcro strap maintains a durable and sturdy hold on the cart frame. They were impressed with how well the Desert Fox Golf Phone Caddy keeps their phone within reach and securely in place.

Colors: 6 | Material: High-impact plastic | Compatibility: Fits 4- to 7-in. phone screens

Benefits— Combines Bluetooth speaker with drinking tumbler— BPA-free and dishwasher-safe (tumbler and lid only)— Several color options

If you want to save a little space in your golf cart, the VIBE combines two accessories into one: a Bluetooth speaker and a drinking tumbler. Its double-walled, stainless-steel insulated design keeps your beverage cool for a day on the course, while its detachable Bluetooth speaker keeps the music going for up to six hours

True to form, the VIBE fits in most cup holders and features a rubber bottom to keep it steady on the cart path. Customers said the VIBE connected to their phones via Bluetooth easily, and they found that the speaker detaches with no problem when it’s time to put the tumbler and lid through a wash.

With a six-hour battery life, the VIBE may not last a full 18-hole day, but if you’re looking to save room in your cart, keep your drinks ice cold, and play a little music between holes, the VIBE is our go-to recommendation.

Colors: 12 | Battery life: Up to 6 hours | Waterproof: IPX6 waterproofing | Warranty: 1-year limited

Benefits— Fits standard cup holders— Single-button ignition— Wind-resistant screen

When you need to stay warm during cold mornings and winter months on the course, the Mr. Heater 4,000 BTU Golf Cart Heater is a great addition to your golf cart. It connects to a 1-pound propane cylinder (sold separately) and comes with an adapter to fit the standard golf cart cup holder.

It also features a wind-resistant screen and pilot system to keep the heat pumping despite windy weather or forward cart movement. And its one-button ignition means no electricity or matches are necessary to start feeling the warmth.

Customers said the Mr. Heater Golf Cart Heater keeps them warm and stays on even in “blizzard-like” winds. They also said it fits snugly in their cup holder. A full tank lasts about 5.5 hours, which may not heat for an entire round of golf, but golfers still noted that it’s a great accessory for those uncomfortably cold mornings and days on the course.

Heating method: Forced air | Runtime: Up to 5.5 hours | Weight: 5.95 lbs. (not including propane cylinder) | Warranty: 1-year limited

Benefits— Warm and soft fleece interior— Adjustable waistband for easy transport — Simple and easy use

Whether you keep it in your cart or wear it around your waist, the Titleist Hand Warmer is designed to offer your hands a quick break from the cold. It features a microfleece lining in a tube design that traps heat and isolates your hands from outside elements. It also sports a pocket on the outside for hand-warming chemical packs (sold separately).

Customers said the Titleist Hand Warmer is incredibly soft and lightweight. Some golfers mentioned the waistband only adjusts down to roughly 34 inches, meaning players with smaller waists might find the hand warmer a little loose.

Heating method: Self (or warming packs, sold separately) | Material: Spandex exterior, microfleece interior | Warranty: 1-year limited

Benefits— Provides quick and easy seating on the course— Lightweight aluminum construction— Stable, secure fit

For those of you who own a push cart — or if you’re in the market for one — the Clicgear Cart Seat provides fast, comfortable seating when your feet and back need a rest from walking the course. Its aluminum construction can hold up to 220 pounds and features a snug and secure fit for three-wheel Clicgear push cart models.

While the seat is only compatible with Clicgear push carts, it’s the most frequently and highly reviewed push cart seat we could find. Most customers called it very comfortable and easy to install. They also praised the seat’s stability, light weight, and overall design.

Material: Aluminum | Weight capacity: 220 lbs. | Warranty: 1-year limited

Benefits— Plenty of space for personal belongings— Weather-resistant ballistic nylon— Quick-close/easy access cinch top

The TaylorMade Players Valuables Pouch is compact in size and simple in design. It features a cinch-top closure and an internal zip pocket. Its material is 100% weather-resistant ballistic nylon, so it’ll have no problem keeping your personal belongings safe during a full day on the course.

It’ll fit perfectly in your cart’s dash, while its rubber pullers ensure a solid grip for quick and easy access to whatever you need. Customers noted the TaylorMade Players Valuables Pouch has plenty of room for essential golf items like tees and markers with space left over for their wallet, phone, and keys.

Reviewers also appreciated its simple and durable design, and many were surprised by just how much the pouch could hold. As with all cinch-top storage, water and dirt can still get in, so just be mindful of where you stash the pouch as you play.

Material: 100% weather-resistant ballistic nylon | Size (L x W x H): 5.5 x 8 x 1.5 in. | Compartments: 1 internal zip pocket

Benefits— Holds up to 10 12-oz cans— Insulated liner— Plenty of extra storage

The Intech Golf Bag Cooler and Accessory Caddy is designed to hold drinks, keep them cold, and offer plenty of extra storage for golf accessories and personal items. It features a zip pocket, mesh bottle holder, large front pocket, and elastic tee holders.

The bag is light in weight and features a padded handle and extra-long strap for easy transport. You can also clip or strap it to your golf cart or push cart.

Customers found the bag highly durable — perfect for outdoor wear and tear on the course — and many noted it’s the perfect size for their golf cart basket. Some shared that their tote straps started to rip along the seam, but most customers found this bag to be just the thing to keep their drinks cold and valuables safe during play.

Colors: 8 | Material: Jacquard fabric or ballistic nylon | Size (L x W x H): 12 x 9 x 7 in. | Compartments: 1 large interior, 2 side pockets, 1 large front pocket

Benefits— Portable ball cleaner— Patent-pending brushing system— Exceptional quality and construction

The Clean Flight Personal Golf Ball Washer is designed to ensure you never have to settle for a dirty golf ball when a ball-washing station is nowhere to be found. It fits in your cup holder or clips to your push cart or bag, so it’s always within reach.

And when cleaning is needed, the washer uses a patent-pending brushing system to oscillate the ball in a liquid solution. Customers called the Clean Flight Personal Golf Ball Washer a convenient way to get a great professional-quality clean anytime.

Some reviewers wished the bristles were longer for a more thorough clean, but most agreed that this washer is a great solution for portable ball cleaning out on the course.

Material: High-impact polystyrene, stainless steel | Size (L x W x H): 3.35 x 3.35 x 7.48 in. | Weight: Less than 1 lb. (empty)

The items in our article prove that the golf cart isn’t just a method for lugging your clubs around the course. It’s an opportunity to introduce some creature comforts and storage capabilities that enhance your gameplay and overall experience. When deciding which of these accessories is right for you, stick to the features you prioritize.

For example, if you enjoy playing golf all year round but can’t stand the cold, look at the Mr. Heater 4,000 BTU Golf Cart Heater or Titleist Hand Warmer. If your time on the course is all about having a good time, keep the fun going with Rokform’s G-ROK Wireless Golf Speaker.

Remember these factors before making a purchase, and you’ll increase your odds of buying a golf cart accessory you can feel good about.

As with any purchase, let your budget be your guide. Before you decide what type of accessory you want, determine how much money you’re willing to spend. This can help narrow your search right out of the gate.

Depending on the type of golf cart accessory, comfort is all about how warm, cool, or hydrated a given accessory can keep you. If comfort is your priority, study up on what customers have to say about a product you’re considering. A good example is the Titleist Hand Warmer. While it isolates your hands and relies on collecting warmth from your body, many customers called out how much they appreciated the pocket lining perfect for chemical heat packs. Little details like these aren’t always explicitly mentioned in a product’s details, but you can find them in customer reviews.

What’s allowed on a golf cart will vary based on the specific rules of a golf course or tournament. Ask course officials what items are prohibited. If you’re playing in a tournament, read any regulations regarding golf cart usage and what’s allowed.

If you’re renting a golf cart for a day on the course, you’ll be limited to what the course allows on the cart. If you have your own golf cart, there’s virtually no limit to what you can do to improve the cart’s engine performance, terrain capability, and comfort.

This includes making the golf cart street-legal. Many private and public courses allow golfers to bring and use their own carts. But again, make sure your cart meets a given course’s rules and regulations.

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