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Jul 17, 2023

It’s no secret that golf irons are expensive, and keeping them in good shape retains their value and maintains the club’s integrity. We commonly ensure our woods, hybrids, and putter are covered at all times — in the car, at the course, and even in the closet at home. But we rarely see golf iron covers in use.

For those of you who want to keep your irons looking new, avoid chips and dings, and even ensure a quieter walk with less rattling, we’ve compiled a list of the best golf iron covers on the market.

Best premium: Club Glove Gloveskin Premium Iron Covers (9)Best value: Maxfli Neoprene Iron Covers (9-Piece Set)Best design: CraftsmanGolf Large Number Leather Magnetic Iron Head Covers 10 pcsBest durability: Finger Ten Iron Covers 9 Pack Long MagneticBest protection: CraftsmanGolf Magnetic Extended Version Leather Iron Cover SetBest waterproof: CraftsmanGolf Gold Numbers Embroidered Leather Iron Head Cover Set

To create a shortlist of the top golf iron covers, we researched manufacturer specifications, including cost, design, durability, protection, and more. Then, we combed through detailed product descriptions, ratings, and reviews to find the best golf iron covers for each category.

All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. If you buy a linked product, GOLF.COM may earn a fee. Pricing may vary.

Benefits— Comes in 7 color/configuration/size options— Gloveskin neoprene looks and feels like leather— Water-resistant

Drawbacks— More expensive than most other golf iron covers

The Club Glove Gloveskin Premium Iron Covers are made of neoprene that looks and feels like leather. They’re water resistant and are soft and pliable in any climate. Easy to put on and take off, they fit all irons, whether left- or right-handed, and come in oversize versions for bulkier iron heads.

They protect your club head and the club’s hosel and fit conveniently in your pocket when using the club. Hand-glued and stitched, they’re a quality option in a somewhat sparse golf iron cover market. Club Glove gives you a limited warranty if something goes awry because nobody’s perfect — though these golf iron covers are pretty close.

Covers available: 3 | Material: Neoprene | Water-resistant: Yes

Benefits— Includes 3-iron through sand wedge— Stylish black design with an attractive white number embroidered— Fits most standard irons

Drawbacks— Only available in black— Not water-resistant

The Maxfli Neoprene Iron Covers are a reliable, quality iron cover. They’ll keep your clubs shiny and prevent dings and blemishes caused by clubs rattling around in transit, both on the course and off.

Offered in a nine-piece set, you’ll protect your 3-iron through a sand wedge, retaining the value of your investment in your irons. The material used is flexible when putting it on or taking it off your irons, but it ensures a snug fit when securely on the club.

Covers available: 1 | Material: Neoprene | Water-resistant: No

Benefits— Synthetic leather construction— Magnet keeps the golf iron cover securely situated on your clubs— 10-piece set comes with highly visible numbers for ease of use

Drawbacks— Premium price

The Craftsman Golf Large Number Leather Magnetic Iron Head Covers are attractive and come in black with white numbers or white with black numbers. The 10-piece set comes in 4-9-iron and four wedges.

The thick, smooth synthetic leather is stylish, with a large, flashy font in the club number on its side. The magnet at the cover’s base will keep it securely affixed to your golf club until it’s time to pull that iron, take dead aim, and go for the green.

These golf iron covers are durable and waterproof, ensuring your clubs stay dry and protected from each other and any natural elements thrown your way. The covers also come with a long neck that protects the hosel and lower end of the golf shaft.

Covers available: 2 | Material: Synthetic leather | Water-resistant: Yes (waterproof)

Benefits— Made with premium synthetic leather— Water-resistant— Club numbers embroidered on both sides for ease of use

Drawbacks— 3-iron inclusion is somewhat outdated

The water-resistant Finger Ten Iron Covers come in a nine-piece set. They’re long to protect your club’s hosel and have a magnet at the opening to secure the club in its grasp. With numbers embroidered on both sides, you’ll have access to your irons no matter which way your bag is facing, saving time on the course. Place them on and off with ease, and be confident that once on your iron, they won’t fall off.

Covers available: 3 | Material: Synthetic leather | Water-resistant: Yes

Benefits— Premium black leather— Water- and stain-resistant— Double-sided embroidery for ease of use

Drawbacks— 1 more wedge cover would complete the set

The Craftsman Magnetic Extended Version Leather Iron Cover Set is a premium golf iron cover set from a proven leader in the category. Made of premium black leather with numbers embroidered on both sides, you’ll protect your clubs from damage and add style to your golf bag.

The solid magnetic enclosure guarantees a secure and protective fit, so they won’t fall off in transit or in the trunk of your car. They’re easy to put on and take off, and the extension protects your club’s hosel and the end of your golf shaft. They conveniently fit left- and right-handed clubs.

Covers available: 1 | Material: Leather | Water-resistant: Yes

Benefits— Premium leather construct— Waterproof and dustproof— Velcro closure secures a tight fit

Drawbacks— Velcro could wilt over time

The Craftsman Gold Numbers Embroidered Leather Iron Head Cover Set is a solid golf accessory that’ll secure your irons and protect them from dents and dings. Made of premium leather, they’re waterproof, dustproof, and have a velcro closure that ensures a secure fit every time.

The handmade golf embroidery is very attractive and makes any golf bag look more stylish. The durable and soft design will give you a quieter walk on the course or ride in the golf cart.

Covers available: 2 | Material: Premium lychee pattern leather | Water-resistant: Yes (waterproof)

You don’t see many golfers with iron covers these days, but when you consider the price we all pay for irons in today’s market, why wouldn’t you want to protect them to the best of your ability, retaining their value by preventing dents and dings caused by rattling when walking or riding the course? Price isn’t really an issue with this product, as the greater investment has already been made in the irons themselves.

Use our list to peruse the golf iron cover marketplace, and you’ll see a few stellar options. If you play often and constantly move the clubs from the house to the car to the course, consider getting some iron covers and have the newest-looking irons in your group, no matter how old they really are.

Look for a golf iron cover that fits tight, is durable, and protects your head, hosel, and even the lower end of your golf shaft. These are the primary issues to consider when shopping for golf iron covers.

Ensure that your golf iron covers are not too big, where they’ll constantly fall off your club. You want a tight fit and a magnetic or velcro base enclosure to lock it in and give you the confidence to know that your irons are protected.

Durability in any golf product is essential. After all, we spend a lot of money on the game we love. Spend it wisely.

Some options on our list come with extended necks that protect the golf club’s hosel and end of the shaft. This added protection helps retain the value of your clubs and provides a more secure fit.

Anyone who has golf clubs they want to protect long-term should get iron covers to retain their value. You’ll also be protecting the integrity of the equipment and ensuring a quieter walk or ride around the golf course. They’re not common in today’s game, but you can be the one who sets that trend in 2023.

The golf iron covers we cited were made of neoprene or synthetic leather. Both materials will protect the clubs and can be made water-resistant or waterproof.

Your woods, hybrids, and putter already come with headcovers of their own. Iron covers would cover your long- and mid-irons, as well as your wedges, for total protection from the elements and each other while the bag is in transit.

Vinnie Manginelli is a PGA Professional in Kingston, New York. He’s a freelance writer and editor, golf blogger, and college golf coach with more than 20 years of golf teaching and administrative experience. He has a Master’s Degree in English from Southern New Hampshire University and has been able to marry his two loves – golf and writing.

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