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Ping Pioneer Cart Bag review

Sep 02, 2023

ByTom Bullough

The Ping Pioneer 2023 cart bag is designed with dynamic new styling, packed with storage potential and a 15-way top divider. So how did we find it? Find out in our Ping Pioneer Cart Bag review.

This is a really stylish cart bag option with an abundance of storage. Despite the amount of pockets and functions the bag offers, it was still remarkably lightweight.



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From the off, this bag looks really good. Available in four different colours, I got this to test out in the grey white option, which looks really smart. There are multiple options for storage and the 15-way divider means this offers you everything you could require in terms of storage from a cart bag.

I tend to use a carry bag for my day-to-day golf, and occasionally use a trolley and subsequent bag for the more important rounds (mainly because the better players use them – ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ etc).

I tested the Ping Pioneer bag out over two rounds of golf and enjoyed the amount of storage the bag had. With a grand total of 14 pockets, the Pioneer comfortably holds everything from spare clothing, to waterproofs, balls, tees, and accessories. It even boasts a cooler pocket to look after your mid-round refreshments. There is also a magnetic pocket which was helpful for easy access to the regular accessories, or more balls in my case. This would also work really well as a rangefinder pocket.

The second round included a quick 30-minute shower of rain to which the waterproof hood and two water-resistant velour-lined voluble pockets did everything it said it would. The Ping Pioneer is also equipped with a cart-strap pass to run your trolley strap through. This allowed easy entry to all pockets without having anything in the way.

In terms of stability, the bottom of this bag features a rubberized cross-design which fits securely on your trolley and keeps the bag locked in place all round.

The Ping Pioneer bag features a 15-way top divider and moulded putter slot anyone with an oversized putter grip. These were excellent, and really smooth and there was no snagging when taking and returning clubs to the bag, thanks to the full length of the dividers.

The 2023 edition of the bag has new integrated handles to maximise club management and transportation of the bag, but still only weighs approximately 3.1kg.

The bag also comes with a large comfortable strap to wear if you decide to carry or for when you need to transport it around. Considering the size of the bag and how much I could fit into it, it was surprisingly light and very easy to move around.

Overall, I was really pleased with the look and performance of the bag. It was really easy to set up, the storage was excellent, and I really liked the overall styling.

Ping Pioneer Cart Bag

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Available: Now.

RRP: £169.99

More information: Ping website

Colours: Grey/White, Red/Black, Royal/Black, Black

Tom is a former professional rugby player (not that he likes to be defined by it) turned avid golfer. Who once went viral on twitter for a very impressive display of the shanks. He loves all things equipment and is often caught in the office eyeing up yet another driver. He plays off a handicap of 15.6 which he doesn't like reminding rounds up to 16.

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