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Hailey King

Aug 06, 2023

Photo by DGPT

Hailey King thrives under the pressure of the biggest events in our sport. She made her name known by winning the 2020 DGPT Championships where she took home the largest payout in disc golf history at the time. Last year, Hailey accomplished every player’s dream, earning a Major title at the United States Women’s Disc Golf Championship. We are entering the most important stretch of the disc golf season. The rest of 2023 is full of Elite+, DGPT Playoffs, and PDGA Major events. With Hailey’s proven killer instinct on these top stages, she is a favorite to take home another big win (or more) in the final stretch of the year.

Hailey walked us through what she’s got In The Bag for 2023. From her Champion TOROCalvin Heimburg was the inspiration behind the Toro. He wanted a flat-top, overstable, mid-range disc that he could have confidence in—something that could handle his level of forehand torque. After several variations, the Toro was created and named by Calvin.[4|2|1|3]">Toros to her Tour Series Halo HAWKEYEFor predictability and accuracy in a fairway driver, grab the Innova Hawkeye. "This is a disc for staying on the fairway," says Innova co-founder and disc developer, Dave Dunipace. At faster speeds, it flies straight with exceptional glide. For players with less power, it has a consistent, mellow fade. All of this adds up to accuracy... the hallmark of the Hawkeye.[7|5|-1|1]">Hawkeyes to her Star WRAITHThe Wraith is a long and fast distance driver. A stable flyer that performs predictably into the wind.[11|5|-1|3]">Wraiths, she tells you how the discs fly for her and what use they serve in her game.

Hailey has a smart strategy when it comes to picking molds; she likes to throw new discs that have the flight characteristics she is looking for right off the shelf. That way, if she loses a disc, she can just pick up a new one without needing to learn its flight or season it in. If you’re someone who feels completely derailed every time you lose your favorite disc, try Hailey’s strategy!