PowaKaddy Micra Push Cart vs Sun Mountain 2022 Speed Cart V1R
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PowaKaddy Micra Push Cart vs Sun Mountain 2022 Speed Cart V1R

Oct 16, 2023

Check out our comparison on two top quality golf push carts from PowaKaddy and Sun Mountain.

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An impressive addition to the already extensive PowaKaddy push cart range. The Micra's compact folding size and lightweight frame will see it go toe-to-toe with any push cart currently on the market.

The latest Sun Mountain Speed Cart release is exceptionally stable, highly functional, and easy to maneuver around the course. Most importantly, however, it makes walking more enjoyable for golfers.

Golf push carts are designed to make your life easier on the course. As golfers, we love any kind of gadget that can make our round more enjoyable, help you conserve energy and assist us to shoot lower scores. Some of the best golf carts on the market can tick all of those boxes and that's where the PowaKaddy Micra Push Cart and the Sun Mountain 2022 Speed Cart V1R Push Cart both come into play.

PowaKaddy and Sun Mountain are renowned for the excellent trolleys and golf bags they produce and both of these new releases are easily two of the best golf push carts money can buy right now. Having taken them both for a spin, our testers loved the features on offer in each, with the Speed Cart actually receiving a five-star review from our testing team, while the Micra was included in our 2022 Editors Choice Awards.

But which is more suitable for your game? Below we'll be looking to answer that question, putting both trolleys head-to-head while taking stock of everything from how easy they are to fold down, what the ride feels like and how easy they are to lift into the trunk of your car. While you're here, why not also take a look at some of the fantastic electric options available in our guide to the best electric golf trolleys. For now, let's kick things off by looking at the aesthetics both trolleys deliver.

Sometimes it pays to look good on the golf course. The more comfortable you are in the clothes you're wearing and the clubs you're playing, the more confident you'll be when it comes to hitting that opening drive on the first tee. Plus, who doesn't want to look stylish while playing golf? That even boils down the trolley you're using and while many golfers looking for a new trolley are just seeking simplicity and an ergonomic club cart, sometimes a premium look can make a lot of difference. Looking at both trolleys above, this is perhaps where the PowaKaddy goes one-up against the Sun Mountain.

When fully unfolded, the Micra boasts a very commanding profile that looks like it can offer stability over rough terrain. Its three wheels are affixed to a sleek black steel frame that comes in a sharp finish, that looks fantastic blended against the bright yellow detailing on the wheel spokes of the trolley and on its breaks too. It matches up nicely with the black and yellow colorway on the PowaKaddy Dri Tech cart bag if you're the kind of golfer who likes to coordinate your golf equipment.

Equally, the Speed Cart does offer a commanding profile thanks to its upright frame and big wheels. While we tested this cart in a plain silver model, it does also come in 10 different colorways which boast some very cool colors, including a popping electric pink and a bright atomic-yellow. Its metal frame also looks good paired up with most bags, and for golfers going for a more subtle style there is a colorway for you there too.

While I've touched on it briefly above, the next thing to talk about is the design on offer and both carts easily fall into the bracket of being two of the most compact trolleys on the market.

During our review, our testers were seriously impressed by the compact-folding frame the Micra boasts. Its volume when completely disassembled is seriously small and is perfect if you need some extra room in the back of your trunk for one of the best cart bags. That makes it a very reliable product if you don't want to get frustrated when trying to store your equipment in the back of your car after your round. But there's more, as the steel frame of this trolley is also very light too making it easy to transport.

Sun Mountain's V1R was similarly very impressive in its design, with this trolley weighing just under 18 pounds! That is next to nothing when paired off against some of the best golf push trolleys currently on the market. While the frame does feel light as you walk the course, it does deliver a lot of stability, thanks to the high quality level of construction Sun Mountain have built into this trolley, which actually also makes this a very durable offering too. Ultimately, both trolleys deliver a very premium feel in their design, but perhaps the PowaKaddy again edges it here for how easy it is to transport when fully packed down.

Simplicity is everything in a golf trolley, because let's face it, no one wants to be faffing around trying to break down your trolley when you're tired after 18-holes of golf. But in both these trolleys that is absolutely not a problem.

By pressing the two yellow buttons on the PowaKaddy, you can pop the trolley up in a matter of seconds. You can then benefit from the Key Lock base system on the cart that will prevent it from twisting as you walk the course - a fantastic addition that came in very handy on undulating terrain. And it was just as easy to fold down, too, with its levers pushing the handle down and tucking the front wheel under the cart. It was seamless.

The V1R, equally excels here, with our tester Chris Wallace claiming that erecting the trolley was akin to a 'magic trick.' It is set up by two simple steps, with the carts handle folding up and the front tire popping lose, by using several knobs that tighten and loosen those components. That again was a very quick and painless process. But depending on your preferences, whether you prefer to twist a knob or flick a lever, both of these trolleys are very easy to set up and disassemble. It's also worth noting the Sun Mountain does not use elastic straps to secure your bag unlike the PowaKaddy, which can be frustrating to use at times. Instead it uses two brackets which unclip to hold your bag in place securely and are a real winner if you hate faffing around with your bag before a round.

While assembly is a big thing to consider, performance is perhaps the biggest telling of the quality of a golf trolley. But once again, there isn't much to separate both of these offerings, with each delivering a smooth ride when we took them out on the course.

The first thing to note about the Micra is it features a soft-touch handle that can be adjusted to any height and doesn't limit you to pushing it in a certain manner like some of the most affordable golf carts do. It offers a smooth ride when your clubs are attached, with this trolley clearly being well made and that certainly gives you the confidence to tackle rougher terrain and some of the steepest slopes. It also comes with bright yellow footbreak which clicks into place whenever you engage it, letting you know your clubs aren't going anywhere. It is the attention to detail in areas like this that makes this trolley stand out.

The V1R also offers excellent stability, and while it feels light as you walk, it doesn't bounce or bobble, thanks to its large wheels that offer excellent suspension. It's three-wheel design seemingly glided over the turf and we found it did well over all types of terrain. Again, you can tell that Sun Mountain have put a lot of quality into the construction of this cart, which did make walking the course a real joy. Plus even attaching your clubs to the trolley was efficient, with its elastic grips and sturdy frame accomodating most bag sizes. It's hard to call which trolley wins it here, but if you're looking for something lightweight and durable then opt for the V1R.

Sun Mountain 2022 Speed Cart V1R on the course

As I said before, golfers are always looking for a few extra bells and whistles on the products they're buying and both these fantastic trolleys come laden with extras that may sway your buying decision. Starting out with the Micra, PowaKaddy have chosen to turn the handle into a multi-functional console where you can store much of your golf paraphernalia, including your scorecard, pencil, spare tees, and balls. It also comes with quite a unique phone holder, which, if you do like using some of the best GPS Apps to track your score, then this might be a fantastic option for you.

The Speed Cart also comes with some nice features too. There's a mesh basket below the handle of the trolley that can be used for things like head covers, one of the best golf windbreakers or any spare golf balls. The trolley can also house some of the best golf water bottles in its flask holder. It also comes with a score card holder situated between the handle which adds another handy storage space to the cart.

On reflection, both carts are excellent premium push trolleys that would suit any golfer looking for a stable offering that will help them focus more on their game. Ultimately there is no right or wrong trolley here as both offer different features that make them stand out.

The PowaKaddy will obviously suit those who may already have a PowaKaddy stand bag. It may also be more suitable for golfers looking for a heavier trolley that delivers a smoother ride and folds down into a smaller package. Equally, the Sun Mountain Speed Cart offers a lot of durability and an excellent ride across undulating terrain. It may suit players looking for a lighter trolley compared to the PowaKaddy or those who enjoy the twisting assembly system. It's also worth noting that the Sun Mountain does come in at a slightly higher price of $269.99 compared to the PowaKaddy's $220 price point. Ultimately, there isn't much to separate these excellent offerings, and depending on your needs as a player, both are excellent trolleys worth investing in.

You should buy the PowaKaddy Micra cart if...- You're looking for a trolley that delivers support across all terrain- You want a trolley that folds away into a small package- You are in the market for a trolley that has space for your phone and other gadgets

You should buy the Sun Mountain Speed Cart V1R if...- You dislike using trolleys that use elastic straps to secure your bag- You're looking for a lightweight trolley that is very durable- You want a colorful cart that will help you stand out on the golf course

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