Aug 27, 2023

August 27, 2023

Europe’s #1 golf bag and push cart brand BIG MAX is delighted to have two of its new line of golf bags named in Golf Digest’s Best Golf Bags of 2023.

Launched to the U.S. market in late July, the Dri Lite Hybrid Plus and the Dri Lite Feather won praise in the Hybrid and Carry bag categories respectively. Having reviewed nearly 100 golf bags over several months, the Golf Digest list represents one of the most comprehensive assessments of quality in the golf bag category, a fact that makes Rick Oldach, CEO of BIG MAX USA very proud.

“To see our new BIG MAX bags recognized for their quality, design and functionality by Golf Digest is exciting” comments Oldach. “We pride ourselves on creating golf bags with every golfer in mind. That approach has made BIG MAX bags hugely popular in European markets, and it’s fantastic to see that attention to detail being appreciated in this comprehensive test. The Dri Lite Hybrid Plus and Dri Lite Feather are two of our most innovative golf bags and we are thrilled to be bringing them to U.S. golfers.”

At a touch over 3.5 llbs, the water-resistant Dri Lite Feather combines ultra-lightweight materials with a host of features to make life on course easier. A five way, 8.5” top keeps everything well organized, while a padded strap, air channel for breathability and sturdy carry handle, make the Feather simple to transport both on and off the course. Neat features such as glove, towel and umbrella holder add a practical dimension, and for storage, six spacious pockets including waterproof valuables pocket and a large integrated cooler pocket, mean that you can carry all the gear you need. Ultra lightweight, functional and stylish, the Dri Light Feather is close to the perfect stand bag. Available in Black, Grey/Black, Navy/Merlot/White. MSRRP: $179

The Dri Lite Hybrid Plus is the latest in BIG MAX’s line of award winning water-resistant hybrid bags that offer the best for golfers that like to walk and ride. Featuring a flat, footless hybrid base and a clever positioning of the stand mechanism lower down the bag, the Hybrid Plus connects squarely with a push cart or riding cart with no twisting. But pick the bag up and it transforms into practical carry bag with padded straps, air channel for breathability and ultra-light weight of just 4.4lbs. A 14 way divider, 8 spacious pockets including 100% waterproof valuables pocket and oversized integrated cooler pocket keep all your gear in place, while features such as ergonomic grab handles and glove, umbrella and towel holder finish off the practical innovations. With eye-catching two tone colorways and stylish design, the Dri Lite Hybrid Plus is a bag that looks great and performs whichever way you choose to play. Available in Black, Grey/Black, White/Navy/Red. MSRRP: $219

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*Hydrostatic testing of waterproof fabric gives a mm per 24 hours rating. This refers to the amount of rainfall a fabric can withstand in a single day. Thus, a 2,000mm waterproof rating means the garment can withstand 2,000mm of rainfall in a single day without letting in moisture. @BIGMAXGOLFInsta@ @BIGMAX.GOLF

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BIG MAX has been Europe’s #1 push cart brand for over 25 years following the unprecedented success of the world’s first 3 wheel push cart the Ti1000. Available in virtually every country that plays golf, BIG MAX is a name that has become associated with quality and innovation. It’s most recent advancement, Fold Flat technology, has seen BIG MAX pioneer push carts that fold down completely flat, in some cases to less than 5” deep. BIG MAX has furthered its reputation for innovation with its AQUA and DRI LITE technology that in the last quarter of 2017 matched BIG MAX push carts by becoming #1 golf bag and travel cover brand in Germany, a traditional marker for # 1 in in continental Europe.

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