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Best Father’s Day Golf Gifts 2023

Sep 21, 2023

Published: 28 July 2023

The Best Fathers Day Golf Gifts

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Falling bang in the middle of the golfing season on Sunday June 18, Father’s Day could not be better placed for the golf-loving dad, hopeful that you will do right by giving him one of the best golf gifts.

Even if he’s not that into golf (yet), the chances are he has been threatening to oil up those creaking shoulders and start tearing up fairways for years, so why not nudge him in the right direction?

Fun fact, unlike Mother’s Day, Father’s Day falls on the same day in the US and UK, who knew?

Therefore, Today’s Golfer has narrowed down a wide-ranging selection of our favorite gifts to help you choose wisely on both sides of the pond.

Our shortlist includes the best golf starter sets, putting mats, practice nets, caps, books, technology, polo shirts, balls, relaxation, and novelty products. So let’s dive into the Best Father’s Day Golf Gifts 2023…

RRP £399.00 | VIEW UK OFFER | RRP $399.99 | VIEW US OFFER

Clubs: 10 | Colors: Red and black |Putter: Blade | Bag: Stand-bagPros: Quality golf brand | Solid distances and forgiving | Decent putterCons: May lack shelf appeal to some

This Wilson Tour RX Golf set is ideal for those who have been talking about taking up golf for years, or even looking to get back out on the course after a long hiatus.

The package is aimed at beginners and recreational players and comprises a driver, fairway wood, a hybrid, 6-iron though to sand-wedge, and a Tour RX putter.

The graphite shafted driver, fairway wood, and hybrid come with matching headcovers and were all easy to launch from the fairway and off the tee, achieving solid distances.

The irons have steel shafts and inspired confidence at address without being over-bulky. We found them to be very forgiving which is the main priority when taking up the game.

The set comes complete with a black and red lightweight stand bag with ample storage space for waterproofs, balls, and other golfing accessories.

RRP £325.00 | VIEW UK OFFER | RRP $399.99 | VIEW US OFFER

Clubs: 10 | Colors: Red and black | Putter: Mallet | Bag: Stand-bagPros: Easy to hit | Forgiving | Stable putter Cons: The bag is not of fantastic quality

This CG3000 set from MacGregor is the complete improver package that will get you hitting the ball properly and even featured in our best golf clubs for beginners 2023.

The set consists of a 460cc titanium matrix driver, fairway wood, hybrid, stainless steel irons from 6-iron to sand-wedge, and a mallet-style putter to help with alignment.

The 13° driver was easy to launch and has been designed with maximum forgiveness in mind for those off-center hits, and the oversized cavity irons fill you with confidence at address.

The package is finished off with a premium red and black stand bag, providing a suitable amount of storage, and headcovers for the woods.


Pros: Useful alignment and pacing markings | Rolls out flat

Cons: Designed for flat putts only

Available in green and grey, the PuttOut Medium Putting Mat is one of the best-selling putting mats on the market and is ideal for honing the most important skill in the game.

It rolls at approximately 10 on the stimpmeter meaning the pace is typical of the medium to fast-paced greens encountered by most club golfers.

The 6ft mat is printed with alignment lines at 1ft intervals and pace targets, designed to enhance your visual feedback.

The mat has been designed with usability in mind, rolling flat straight out of the packaging, and comes equipped with a black drawstring carry bag.

While useful on its own, the mat can be combined with the PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer, Putting Mirror, or Pro Putting Gates to create a complete putting practice package.


Pros: Use of gates to improve your stroke | Foam inserts create a break

Cons: Lack of alignment lines

The CS2 is another putting mat that features in our best putting mats 2023, and is endorsed by Ian Poulter, a vocal advocate of the Aimpoint system for reading breaks.

A key advantage of this system is the gates which can be adjusted to make your target area smaller as your accuracy improves or as a training aid to keep your back-swing and follow-through aligned to the target.

Foam inserts can also be slid underneath the mat to create breaking slopes which is a unique feature separating the CS2 from many other mats on the market.

The mat is plain in style and will suit players who prefer less visual assistance absent of multiple pace and alignment markings.


Pros: Very robust | Easy to assemble | Includes artificial mat

Cons: Takes up a decent-sized space

The Links Choice Practice Net measures 7ft high, 10ft wide, and 5ft deep, and is made from highly durable materials built to absorb the full force of your swing.

The dimensions of the net will allow you scope to hit your full roster of shots from booming drives to lofty wedges without concern for even the worst mishits.

The net comes with an artificial tuft mat to save your lawn, an in-built groundsheet to stop balls from escaping, and a target to provide you with visual feedback on the trajectory of your ball flight.

This practice net is quick and easy to assemble, very durable, and with no safety concerns, we suggest is an attractive and affordable option.


Pros: Fun use of targets | Secure | Comes with useful tips

Cons: No artificial mat included

Featuring three different targets, this PGA Tour Pro Driving Net allows you to practice three different shot trajectories as opposed to just simply trying to hit the cover off the ball every time.

We suggest you take the ‘pitch’, ‘chip’, and ‘lob’ labels with a pinch of salt and instead focus on adapting your swing to practice low, medium, and high-flighted shots.

It was fast and easy to set up and comes complete with a ground sheet and securing pegs to ensure a safe and secure practice environment.

The net is bigger than average with the same dimensions as the Links Choice Practice Net and is made from a lightweight, yet strong fiberglass frame.

The novel targets justify the extra money in our opinion, but feel free to explore our extended range of nets in our best golf practice nets 2023.


Size: S / M / L | Colors: White or black

Pros: Fantastic breathability | Premium sports cap

Cons: Higher price-point

As expected from the American powerhouse, Nike has raised the bar again with the AeroBill Classic, delivering a cap built to breathe.

The emphasis here really is on staying cool and this cap achieves this via a four-way stretch fabric with perforations to help you stay comfortable when the heat is on.

The laser perforations have been strategically placed on the side panels to enhance ventilation and optimize breathability in high-sweat areas.

The Classic 99 is from the same AeroBill family as the Heritage 86 cap worn by Tiger Woods which probably says all you need to know about the performance quality of this product.

Coming in a variety of colors, Nike’s AeroBill caps are up there with the best on the market for performance, looks, and feel.


Size: Adjustable | Colors: 6

Pros: Classic TaylorMade tour branding | Adjustable sizing

Cons: Others have more breathability

TaylorMade’s Tour Radar caps’ authentic tour styling makes it a popular choice for all levels of golfer and made it into our best golf caps 2023.

On the performance front, the cap features a darkened underbill which was particularly useful at reducing glare, and a moisture-wicking headband that performed its function of keeping me dry and comfortable on the course.

The adjustable tuck-in strap on the rear was a welcome addition, enabling a secure fit irrespective of head size.

The cap comes in a choice of six colors with TaylorMade’s classic 3D embroidered branding and a nod to their latest award-winning Stealth series.


With nine major wins and a place in the World Golf ‘Hall of Fame’, Ben Hogan is widely recognized as one of the GOATs, and it’s no wonder his Five Lessons masterclass has become one of the biggest-selling books in its category.

The premise of the book is Hogan’s belief that any golfer with an average level of coordination can learn to break 80 if they apply themselves patiently and intelligently.

Had me hooked on “average coordination”, although I can’t promise patience or intelligence.

The book is broken down into five components of grip, stance, backswing, downswing, and the swing process, focusing on different fundamentals and techniques with clear instructions and illustrations.

This is a brilliant reference guide and training aid for golfers of all abilities.


If you had to pick one golf instruction book to read, then Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book would be a wise choice.

Penick was a golf instructor from Texas, and the teacher behind many ‘Hall of Fame’ golfers including Tom Kite, Ben Crenshaw, and Kathy Whitworth.

Over a seven-decade career, Penick kept a small red boom in which he made notes of the patterns that led to successful performance amongst his students.

This book is great for keeping things simple and digestible with no overly complicated technical jargon.

Once dubbed the ‘Socrates of Golf’ by Sports Illustrated, Penick’s Little Red Book is a best-selling classic and features amongst a host of other great reads on our best golf books page.

RRP £149.00 | VIEW UK OFFER | RRP $149.99 | VIEW US OFFER

Pros: Accurate | Easy to use | Incredible value | Robust case

Cons: Plastic buttons impact premium feel

Shot Scope has an enviable reputation for the quality and accuracy of their distance measuring products, and the L2 is the Edinburgh-based brand’s second new product of 2023 following the X5 GPS watch.

The Pro L2 comprises rapid-fire technology with target-lock vibration letting you know once you have the flag pin-pointed.

Impressively the Pro L2 was consistently within a yard of my playing partner’s more expensive Bushnell device and delivered yardages within similar time frames.

Slope-adjusted technology can be switched on and off instantly on the side of the device which measures about two-thirds of the length of an iPhone 14 Pro. The outer casing has a rippled texture meaning you should never feel at risk of losing grip.

We think you are unlikely to find a better rangefinder at this price point, but why not check out our best golf rangefinders 2023.

RRP £199.00 | VIEW UK OFFER | RRP $200.00 | VIEW US OFFER

Pros: Tour level information | Improved sensors | Easy installation and set-up

Cons: Your phone must be in close proximity

Arccos are pioneers in the Smart Grip marketplace, providing golfers with powerful and accurate insight into their game, with Arccos claiming an average of five shots can be chalked off their scorecard within their first year.

The Gen3+ system includes 14 ultra-light sensors (one for every club in your bag), that screw into the top of your clubs and track the GPS position of your ball across every shot throughout your round.

The innovative system then utilizes this information to analyze the strokes gained metrics so you can easily identify the aspects of your game that need improvement.

Setting up the system and pairing your sensors is a relatively straightforward process, and once you’ve arrived at the club, all you need to do is select the course you are about to play on your smartphone or watch.

Simply open the App once back in the clubhouse to have access to a vast range of stats to help you make better golfing decisions.


Size: S – XXL | Colors: Blue or navy

Cons: Some may prefer a more fitted polo

Under Armour’s Iso-Chill fabric has been designed to help disperse body heat which makes it feel cool to the touch.

The polo also features some clever anti-odor technology that prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes that may start forming when stood over those 3-foot putts.

The fitting profile is loose for comfort and incorporates UPF 50+ protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

From a performance angle, the Iso-Chill Edge was excellent with its 4-way stretch material moving without resistance even during full rotation drives.

A standout golf polo that will keep you cool, calm, and focused.


Size: S – XXL | Colors: 4

Pros: Moves with your swing | UV protection | Anti-odor

Cons: Might be a bit adventurous for some

The Camo Lisle’s all-over cloud camo jumps out within Footjoy’s exceptional range of performance golf shirts that come in a variety of colors and patterns.

Made from Footjoy’s ProDry lightweight stretch pique fabric, this polo held its athletic structure throughout the round while not feeling restrictive in any sense.

Excess moisture is drawn away from the body with moisture-wicking technology which helped with staying cool and dry.

This shirt looks good, feels good, and if it could fix bad shots, it really would have it all. For a wider selection of quality golf polos, visit our best golf polo shirts 2023.

RRP £39.99 per dozen | VIEW UK OFFER | RRP $49.97 per dozen | VIEW US OFFER

Construction: 4-piece with cast urethane covers | Colors: White, yellow, truvis

Pros: Exceptional distance | Affordable price-point for a premium ball

Cons: Slower swinging players may not see full benefits

The choice of Major winners including Jon Rahm and Phil Mickelson, the Chrome Soft X is a fantastic all-round option for high-caliber players.

Callaway suggests this ball will only return its full potential of swing speeds beyond 105 mph and that players with slower swing speeds should opt for the standard Chrome Soft ball instead.

During testing, Today’s Golfer reported the lower spinning X LS ball as being the longest-performing ball for distance with a driver and one of the longest with 7-iron across all brands.

The X version was reported to carry 15 yards shorter but delivers a higher amount of greenside spin and a slightly more workable ball flight.

Both models are excellent premium choices targeted at high-speed players.

RRP £39.99 per dozen| VIEW UK OFFER | RRP $49.99 | VIEW US OFFER

Construction: 3-piece (Z-Star) 4-piece (XV) with urethane covers | Colors: White, yellow

Pros: Exceptional distance | Affordable price-point for a premium ball

Cons: Require decent swing speed to unlock XV potential

Another premium ball at a slightly lower price-point that is capable of Major winning performances, as proved by Hideki Matsuyama and Shane Lowry.

Today’s golfer testing data (see best golf balls 2023), showed both Z-Star XV to be a very powerful option, with our test pro registering their second longest distances when combining driver and 7-iron carry distance.

The Z-Star is the ball you should be considering if you swing the driver at around 93 mph (club golfer average) and is also better at generating spin from closer to the green.

Two high-performing golf balls that challenge the most premium in the market.


This C3 massage gun from Renpho delivers deep, effective muscle pain relief after those arduous 18-hole rounds where you have zig-zagged across every fairway.

It has 20 speed levels and massage heads enabling you to target tender areas with minimal discomfort and helps to stimulate blood flow all whilst providing a full-body relaxation experience.

A massage gun might not fix your swing, however, it will help increase your range of motion and release stiff muscles that will allow you to recover quicker and get back out on the course sooner.

With a four-hour battery life and easy-to-transport case, this massage gun is a luxury you might not have thought you needed but is perhaps well worth considering.

RRP £69.99 (PS5) | VIEW UK OFFER | RRP $69.99 | VIEW US OFFER

Platforms: PS5 / X-Box / PC

Featuring 30 pristine golf courses from around the globe including Augusta, St Andrews, and Pebble Beach, this latest iteration of the PGA Tour game from EA Sports immerses you in photo-realistic detail as you hone your (virtual) golf skills.

No two courses play the same which reflects the individual nuances of each particular terrain such as undulations and grass type.

Other iconic bucket-list courses include TPC Sawgrass, Whistling Straits, and Quail Hollow, all in more detail than ever before thanks to the meticulous efforts of EA Sports to map out everything from tee boxes to club-houses using drones.

If you have always wanted to visit some of these World-beating golf courses, PGA Tour: Road to the Masters may at least ease some of your curiosity, especially if you like gaming too!


If like me, golf and chocolate feature in your top five ‘best things in life’, alongside the dog, kids, and…. I best say, wife, these luxurious milk chocolate-filled golf balls from Lindt should tick all the boxes.

Master Chocolatiers since 1845, Lindt has blended premium milk chocolate with heavenly hazelnuts to create these smooth, rich, golf-inspired praline truffles.

If you are searching for the perfect Father’s Day ‘stocking filler’, then these must be it.

Just make sure he doesn’t store them in his golf bag, otherwise, he’ll be teeing them up on the first, and that really would be a waste of a golf ball!


Produced, blended, and bottled in Scotland, St Andrews ‘Clubhouse’ is a premium blend of carefully selected malt and grain whiskies.

The blend has been stored and matured in oak casks used previously for sweet wines, sherry, and port which gives the whisky amazing roundness.

The whisky itself has a rich golden appearance and will suit the tastes of both sophisticated whisky lovers and those who save it for special occasions.

And how can we forget the uniqueness of the bottle itself? Rounded and dimpled to create a novelty vessel as distinct as the taste itself. A winner, Slainte Mhath (Cheers)!

You can’t go too far wrong when choosing a golfing gift for someone. No one is likely to complain about having too many of the same ball or a polo shirt that’s not in their favorite color. Avoiding individual clubs is probably sensible as they are typically best suited to individual game styles and should ideally be custom fitted. Here are a couple of other things worth considering:

Equipment gaps

Have a rummage through the golfing equipment and accessories for the person you are buying for and try to identify where the gaps are. If in doubt, why not reach out to one of their playing partners if you do not play with him yourself? Consider whether you feel he would prefer a training aid, an item of clothing, accessories such as a towel or umbrella, or maybe something that can be used on and off the course such as a pair of sunglasses.


A key consideration when buying golf gifts has to be your budget. Golf is a sport requiring many accessories and equipment, and you can find a range of price points in every category. Once you have decided on the product you want, do your research and shop around to identify the best deal available.


As always when buying gifts for someone (especially notoriously fussy golfers), ensure that the retailer has a suitable returns and refund policy, and if you have spent a sizeable amount, make sure the product has a good warranty period.

Gift cards

Gift cards, although not always the most exciting, are a really good option for golfers. It can be particularly hard to identify what gift you should get, particularly if you do not play the game yourself. Most reputable golf retailers will offer gift cards such as American Golf, enabling the recipient to choose their ideal product.

What are the best golf gifts?

There is no such thing as the best golf gift as this will ultimately depend on where the person’s individual equipment gaps exist. Today’s Golfer has shortlisted a number of popular products from a variety of categories including caps, polo shirts, technology, books, and practice aids to help you choose the ideal gift.

What do you buy the golfer that has everything?

If you are wanting to buy a golf gift for a golfer that you think has everything, the most useful products are ones that every golfer can never have enough of. These include products like balls, tees, gloves, and caps.

How much should I spend on Father’s Day?

How much you spend on Father’s Day is completely up to you. Data shows that the average spending on Father’s Day gifts is increasing, but has not yet returned to pre-pandemic levels when people were prepared to spend an average of £30 / $37. There is a range of golfing gifts that can be purchased for this price.

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